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Created, Written, Letters and Colors
by Benny R. Powell
Pencil Artwork by Hector Collazo Jr.


Fan Artwork


Obviously we have just started so there are currently no fans and therefore no fan artwork.  However, because both are important to us, we want to be sure to have a spot for them right here... and explain how to and encourage you to submit your fine friendly finishings.


Simply email your masterpieces to: actvmedia@aol.com


Be sure to include your FULL NAME (or whatever you want to be known as) so that we can post it along with your artwork.  If you have a Web site, be sure to include that as well.


Remember, you CAN send us X-Rated material featuring our characters, but we won't post it.  So try to keep them R-Rated at the most graphic (pun intended).





Watch this space for misc. artwork from Hector Collazo and others connected with Wayward Sons.







As the comic progresses if you see some artwork that you think would make a great Wallpaper for your computer's desktop, don't hesitate to suggest one to us!






We will soon begin adding graphics to help those kind enough to link TO us do so.  If, when we add the graphics, you need a specific size, do not hesitate to request it and we'll do our best to make one for you ASAP.




Favorite Online Comics


Here are a list of our favorite online comics that I read every time they update.  And I really do mean that.  It's part of my daily ritual while having a cup of coffee... so I highly recommend the following to add to your own obsessions:


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