This section will primarily be a list of all of the various comics who have graced Wayward Sons: Legends with their creative talents, with links to their site as well as a quick link back to their guest strip. Simply click on the TITLE if you wish to view the contributor's page, or if you want to see the guest comic, click on the image. Enjoy!
Title: Out There
Author: R.C. Monro
Genre: Comedy
Format: Comic Strip

A beautiful scatter-brained bartender picks up a mysterious but likable hitchhiker on the road, tagging along with her when she reaches her destination and starts a new job in a new town.

This is a wonderful comic that I highly recommend reading!
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Here are a list of my favorite online comics that I read every time they update. And I really do mean that. It's part of my daily ritual while having a cup of coffee... so I highly recommend the following to add to your own obsessions:
PvPonline - Comic hijinks surround the employees of a popular video gaming magazine.

Nodwick - If you thought being an adventurer was tough, try being their henchman.

Evil Inc. - How do villains take over the world? Through a corporation, of course!

MenageA3 - Three's Company viewed through the lense of Archie, only more perverse.

Sore Thumbs - After a beautiful TV horror host's show is cancelled, she's forced to move back home to live with her insane family and crazy old friends.

Last Blood - After zombies take over the Earth, vampires must protect the last surviving humans so they can live off their blood.

Least I Could Do - What happens when one man's libido isn't tempered... at all.

Looking For Group - WoW and D&D style action and comedy in one brilliant package.

Dreamland Chronicles - High fantasy for all ages in a daily rendered full page comic.

Legend of Bill - Easily one of my favorite comic strips in the style of Groo.

ShortPacked! - A large toy store is the setting for this bizarre cast of characters.

Wapsi Square - The Mayan calender is real, and it's up to these lovely young ladies to save the world. A surprising blend of comedy and action.

Misery Loves Sherman - The name says it all, as poor Sherman (in the vein of Calvin and Hobbes) simply tries to survive the calamities that surround him.

Eerie Cuties - A school for young monsters as they try to learn about their abilities in the most humorous ways imaginable.

School Bites - A sexy newly-formed vampire is introduced to the world of vampirism and the school she must attend to earn her fangs.

Sorcery 101 - In an alternate world where magic is real and exists in practice, a new sorceror must cope with his dysfunctional life.

Yet Another Gaming Comic - An adventure comic with an animated look and feel.

Love and Capes - When you're the most powerful man on the planet, it only takes a woman to show you how vulnerable you really are.

Planescape Metamorphosis - A hero's journey across the Multiverse to save his home-world from the floods!

Masked Manor - A vampire, a frankenstein's monster, a mummy, a witch and a haunted picture all face off against the reaper himself in this comedy comic strip.

Fafnir the Dragon - Irreverant use of the classic mythological dragon as he takes on politics, wussy vampires and more!
Written, Lettered & Created
by Benny R. Powell
Pencil Artwork by Weilin Yang
Finishes by Youjun Yang
Colors by Kun Song
Copyright 1999-2010 Benny R. Powell. All Rights Reserved